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DR. RAYMOND P. FISK is Professor and Chair of the Department of Marketing at Texas State University. His principal research interest is service. He has published his service research in numerous journals and presented it at conferences throughout the world. He has taught at universities in Arizona, Oklahoma, Florida, and Louisiana prior to Texas. He has also taught in Austria as a Fulbright Scholar, Portugal, Finland, Chile, Jamaica, and Ireland. Dr. Fisk is a popular speaker and trainer. He has spoken internationally on 79 occasions in 17 different countries. He has given 35 presentations to business groups. Dr. Fisk has done more than 30 executive training seminars for various industries and organizations. To view some of his presentations click on presentations link.

Dr. Fisk has published six books.

His most recent books are:

The fourth edition of Services Marketing: An Interactive Approach which was co-written with Dr. Stephen Grove and Dr. Joby John. 

Serving Customers: Global Services Marketing Perspectives, which was co-edited with Dr. Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Dr. Lloyd Harris




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